Since opening in 2013, West Norwood Mosque has continued to respond to the needs of our growing and diverse community, providing a place for the regular daily prayers in the heart of West Norwood, focussed on the social and spiritual development and support of the entire community, and acting as a beacon for Muslims who are new to the faith, supporting and guiding them to Islam.

Our aim is for the Mosque to be at the heart of the West Norwood Muslim Community. Serving as a house of worship, an educational centre, a centre for dispensing valuable social services, a meeting place, and a place for solace and refuge. With your help, our plan is to create a fully self-funding Islamic Centre which provides:

‣ Increased capacity for men and women’s section.

‣ New Wudu area, office and kitchen facilities.

‣ New Qur’an School and Islamic classes

‣ Community initiatives including; business mentoring, careers advice, youth engagement activities, addressing social issues, GCSE and A-level tuition and community cohesion.

West Norwood Islamic Centre is under the trust and leadership of Croydon Islamic Academy. The bank details, official address and charity details are under the name of Croydon Islamic Academy (Registered Charity Number 1141001). Imam Muhammad Ashraf Hansrot is the Lead Trustee.